Huw and Pam Franklin’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

On July 6th 2010, Huw (our nephew) and his wife Pam celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Huw, the son of my late brother Calvin and his wife Beryl, immigrated to Canada in December 1984.  He arrived on a Friday and I invited him to come for tea on the following Sunday to introduce him to Pam, a wonderful and beautiful Christian girl in our church.  The following Friday, Pam took Huw to the college and career group of our church which met regularly in a home and they saw each other every day after that. On the following Wednesday Huw proposed to Pam, the proposal was accepted and two days later they drove into Vancouver to choose an engagement ring. Martin had the great privilege of officiating at their wedding six months later and I played the piano.  They are a great couple who now have two beautiful children Meghan, 13 and Evan 9. They live right next door to us.  Huw’s mother Beryl lives in a suite in their house.   It is a delight to have them so close.

Huw and Pam planned a great day to celebrate their 25th anniversary   Pam is an elementary school teacher and on the last day of school, her students presented her with a $100 gift certificate for a meal at a local restaurant and a “Date Night Movie Pass” for Cineplex Odeon (which includes 2 admissions and treats from the concession).  They started their “special date day” with a quick lunch at IKEA (Huw loves that place), followed by a visit to Grouse Mountain, Vancouver.  Huw had never been up Grouse Mountain during the 25 years he has lived in Canada.  They had learned that Grouse Mountain has a series of 5 ziplines and wanted to ride them all.  It takes 2 hours from start to finish (including a few short walks between the ziplines).  They had a phenomenal time as you can well imagine.  While on the mountain they saw a grizzly bear, one of a number that were rescued when they were orphaned cubs and brought to Grouse where they live in a large enclosure.  After their Grouse Mountain experience they had dinner at Milestones in Langley, followed by a movie at the Colossus movie theatre.  It was a really fun day which they will always treasure.  Here are some pictures and a link to a short video they took. Having seen this video, Martin now wants to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just arrived on the Grouse Mountain Skyride

All kitted up and ready to go

Huw and Pam take part in a display ritual to boost courage

The local, friendly grizzly thinks, "The fools - I would not do that if they paid me."

Pam, securely strapped in and happy

Huw looks excited too

A gentle glide over tranquil water


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2 Responses to Huw and Pam Franklin’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Marie says:

    Well that was nice to see I can’t believe it has been 25 years for Huw & Pam were dose the time go my goodness it is 2.36 am at the moment so I will look at some more tomorrow Good Night God Bless You All Love Marie & Alan .

  2. That ride on the wires looks fun – but scary!!! I’m not sure if I would be first in line to take up the opportunity – but if you go I want to see the video!

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