Filipino Wedding – Joey and Reyna Tubal

In a post written and submitted by Grace on 22 June 2010 on this blog, Grace told of meeting a young Filipino lady named Reyna at our church in 2009.  This meeting grew into a close relationship not only with Reyna but a number of other people of Filipino origin.  Reyna had a boyfriend named Joey Tubal who was living and serving the Lord in Thailand.

In August 2010, Reyna flew from Vancouver to the Philippines where she and Joey were married.  After only two weeks of honeymoon Reyna had to fly back to Vancouver and Joey to Thailand.  Reyna is currently filing her papers of application for permanent residency here.  When this is approved, Joey will join her here.  From what we know of him, he is a wonderful Christian man and we look forward to welcome him to Canada in 2011.  Reyna and Joey love each other dearly and want to serve the Lord together.

We want to share some wedding pictures with you.

Joey and Reyna

A truly happy couple

The wedding party

Signing the register

The ceremony is in progress

Joey is saying, “Reyna, I love you so much.”

Reyna, being carried by her strong husband

Cutting the cake


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One Response to Filipino Wedding – Joey and Reyna Tubal

  1. Hi! I had a friend in college (SLU) by the name of Reyna Supsup. I wonder if she’s the same person. I was out of touch with her for more than a decade.


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