Meet two young musicians in the family

We want to introduce to you two young members of the family who have been piano students of Grace for the last 4-5 years.  Meghan, our great niece, is the daughter of our nephew Huw and his wife Pam.  Huw’s parents are Grace’s late brother Calvin and his wife Beryl.  Grace has been Meghan’s piano teacher from the beginning.  Mark came to Grace after having one year with a local piano teacher.  At the end of that year he won first prize and a cup at a local Music Festival in the piano beginners’ class.  Mark is the son of Jan and Lada Kyslik.  They managed to escape from Communist Czechoslovakia in 1987 and then spent nine months in Austria while their application to move to Canada was processed.  We met them in March 1988 about two weeks after they arrived here.  They told us they thought they may never see their parents again, so we told them we would be their Canadian parents and they became family.  So that makes Mark our Czech “grandson.”

In addition to the piano, Meghan is learning to play the guitar and also plays the flute in the Grade 8 band at her school.  Mark also plays the saxophone in the Grade 7 band at his school and is a member of a musical group which calls itself “Nachos.”  So they are both becoming versatile and well rounded musicians.

First, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at pictures of them when they first started their lessons with Grace.  Meghan is pictured here in 2005 (isn’t she cute?).  Her bright new music bag came from Wales.  Mark is pictured in 2007 (note the emblem of the Czech Republic on his shirt).  His smile is an ever present feature of his face.  You will see on the piano a Bastion Piano Series Level 1 book.  Both have completed all levels of the Bastien Piano Series and are now tackling much more ambitious pieces of music.

Meghan in 2005

Mark in 2007

Now it is time to hear them play.  The first two videos show them playing the same piece – Beethoven’s Fur Elise.  They are both beginning to put their own interpretation into the pieces they play and, as you listen carefully, you will hear the subtle differences.

In the second of two pieces, Meghan plays a song from the movie, “Beauty and the Beast,” and Mark plays Clementi’s Sonatina Opus 36 No. 3.

Meghan in 2010

Mark 2010

We love these two young people (and all the children in our family) very much and are extremely proud of them.  We hope you enjoy meeting these two.


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2 Responses to Meet two young musicians in the family

  1. mgouldth says:

    Well done Mark! I am proud of you and I am sure that your grandparents in the Czech Republic are also proud and are probably asking all their friends to watch these videos of you. I’ve enjoyed teaching you and we have had a lot of fun playing “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.”

  2. mgouldth says:

    Well done Meg! I am very proud of you for persevering. Do you remember those first little pieces you used to play at the very beginning on the black notes? Did you ever think that you would be playing Mozart, Beethoven and Clementi a number of years later ? You have certainly come a long way since then.


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