Family Grads 2011

This year in our family we had one high school grad and two who “graduated” from one phase of their education to the next.  Let me introduce them to you.

Lucas graduated from the Mennonite Educational Institute, a private, Christian high school in our town.  It is the school where Grace was head of the French department for 12 years and where I taught in the early years after we moved to Canada.

Lucas with proud parents Jan and Lada

Lucas is the son of Jan and Lada, who came to Canada after they escaped from Czechoslovakia  in 1988 while it was still under communism.  We met them shortly after they arrived here and they have been family ever since. He will be attending one of the Capernwray Bible Schools for a year and is keeping his options open after that.

Yyah with her parents Marinela and Alex

Alexandria (Yyah) Macalima is the daughter of Alex and Marinela Macalima.  They are from the Filippines and we have known them for almost three years, and they too are part of our extended family.  Yyah (pronounced Eeyah) graduated on the honour roll from Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School.  Yyah is very bright and will commence studies in September at the University of the Fraser Valley in preparation for admission into medical school.

Meghan, our great niece and daughter of Huw and Pam, completed her middle school years in June and is “graduating” to high school and will be going into Grade 9 in September at Abbotsford Christian School.

Meghan with her proud parents Huw and Pam, and grandma Norma

Meghan and younger brother Evan

Evan, our great nephew and younger brother of Meghan “graduated” from elementary school and will be starting his middle school years in September, also at Abbotsford Christian School.

Evan with his proud parents Pam and Huw

We are very proud of all three of these very special people in our life.


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