Evan’s Gift

Our great nephew Evan has beautiful hair.  It is dark, thick and curly.

See what I mean? Picture taken in June 2009

Some months ago Evan learned that good quality human hair is a valuable commodity.  There are people, adults and children, who are diagnosed with cancer and have to go through the process of chemotherapy treatment in an attempt to eradicate the cancer cells.  This treatment can have unpleasant side effects like serious nausea.  Another common side effect is the loss of hair by the patient.  It is not something which helps emotionally to be sure and can have a negative effect on self esteem.  So, to combat this problem wigs are created to cover the baldness and for this purpose, real human hair is the best material by far.

Evan told his parents that he would like to grow his hair until it was long enough to qualify as wig making material.  Huw and Pam, his parents, gave him clearance to do it and the whole family enthusiastically backed him.

As the months passed Evan’s hair grew into a thick mane and finally, as the end of the school year approached at the end of June, it was clear that the time to cut it had arrived.  It was decided to wait until the school summer break began.  You will see in the pictures of Evan in the previous post that he still has his long hair.

A few days after the end of school the great day arrived.  Evan, with his mom, dad and sister Meghan (who took the pictures) went to the barber where his hair was carefully cut.  Here are some of the pictures Meghan took.

Getting ready for the "great cut."

The operation begins

The hair must be cut carefully and skilfully

The job is close to being half finished

The finishing touches

Evan gets to hold the precious trophy

Father and son

Sister and brother

We are all very proud that Evan wanted to do this and carried through with his resolve. Because of it someone, going through the trauma of cancer therapy which included the loss of hair is going to be able to look in the mirror and see that, in spite of everything, she is beautiful.

Thank you Evan for giving this gift, and making us all so proud of you.

Thank you too Meghan for taking the pictures.  We love you both very much.


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Retired pastor and schoolteacher.
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2 Responses to Evan’s Gift

  1. Grace Gouldthorpe says:

    It was Martin who wrote the blog but I would like to tell you personally my special Evan that what you did for a child who is suffering from cancer was so kind and I am very proud of you. I also love all the photos Meg took and you look handsome with short or long hair.
    Love you very much,

  2. Lesley says:

    Wow!! That is an amazing gift and very thoughtful of Evan.

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