Reyna’s Road Test – September 2nd 2011

Yesterday morning, just before 8:30am 2 September 2011, our friend Reyna Tubal and I were sitting in the local Drivers’ Licences and Road Tests Office.  It was the beginning of the working day and people were arriving and joining line-ups to check in for pre-booked test appointments or to make an appointment, or do the written test etc.  Reyna had an appointment for 8:30am and had already checked in.  There was an air of mild tension as those who were going to be taking their road tests waited to be called.  Suddenly, a young man came over and said, “Reyna?”  I wished Reyna success as she and the examiner exited out into the car park.

I settled down to solve a Sudoku puzzle, periodically sipping coffee from a thermal mug that Reyna had prepared for me when I went to pick her up.  Nevertheless I was mentally preoccupied with what was happening on Reyna’s test.  After a while I began a conversation with Jessica, a pleasant young lady who was sitting in the chair next to mine.  She was waiting, on stand-by, hoping to get her test done later in the morning.

Suddenly, Reyna’s beaming face appeared in front of me.  She was also giving me a thumbs up sign as she excitedly said, “I passed.”  We were jubilant and Jessica joined enthusiastically in the celebration.

In British Columbia people may apply for a driver’s permit anytime after their 16th birthday.  They may not take their first level road test until six months have elapsed from the time their driver’s permit was issued.  During that time and before their road test they must pass a written test.  Passing the first road test qualifies them for a probationary “N” (New) driver’s licence.  They may drive without a qualified driver with them and their car must have an official decal with a large capital “N” on it.  There are some restrictions about passengers that may be ride along.  The probationary period is two years.

At the end of that time as an “N” driver, the second and final test may be taken.  Success brings a full and unrestricted licence.  Reyna became an “N” driver two years ago so this test was the “big one.”  She passed with flying colours.  Congratulations Reyna; we love you and are very proud of you.  Have many years of safe and enjoyable driving.

Note: You met Reyna earlier on this blog in the post, “Filippino Wedding.”  We are anticipating the arrival in Canada of her husband Joey this autumn.

Reyna poses, holding her new interim full licence, by the vehicle in which she took her road test

Grace poses with Reyna

Reyna with her very satisfied instructor


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