Vacation September 2011 – 3

Greetings from Flagstaff, Arizona, where we arrived this afternoon, 19 September 2011.  A few miles west of here we drove over the Arizona Divide, which is the highest point (7,334 feet above sea level) in the Rockies at this latitude between east and west.  The town of Flagstaff is 6,906 feet above sea level.

Our stay at Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort in Las Vegas came to an end on 16 September 2011.  It was a most enjoyable and relaxing week during which we met a number of interesting people from different places in the world.  Here is a small selection from pictures that I took.  Sorry about the lack of colour in some of them.  The skies were overcast for much of the day.  The majority of pictures are of the Venetian Hotel.  This is because it is a hotel that we particularly like.

The Strip by the Venetian Hotel

Grace looking at the entrance of Caesar's Palace

The Venetian with the "Rialto Bridge."

"The Grand Canal" inside the Venetian

The impressive Bellagio

We then drove to Henderson, a town southeast of Las Vegas where our good friends Bill and Marilyn Kelly live.  Bill and Grace were high school contemporaries in South Wales.  Bill had a successful career in industry and then went to law school and became a lawyer. We stayed overnight and had a most enjoyable reunion with them.

Marilyn, Bill and Grace

The following morning (17 September) we drove to Lake Havasu City in Arizona.  We had a particular reason for wanting to visit this town.  During the 1960s,  London Bridge in London, England, designed by engineer John Rennie and completed in 1825, could no longer handle the traffic volume demanded of it.  A decision was made to replace it with a larger bridge.  It was decided to put the bridge up for sale and it was purchased by a wealthy American entrepreneur named Robert McCulloch of McCulloch Oil for $2,460,000.  The bridge was then dismantled, every stone was coded and transported to Lake Havasu City.  In 1971 the bridge was meticulously reconstructed and has been a major attraction to visitors from around world ever since.  Indeed, it turned Lake Havasu City into a major vacation resort.

The identification plaque of the bridge

London Bridge in fading evening sunlight

The bridge at midday

The marina at Lake Havasu

Grace sitting by the shore of Lake Havasu

It was very hot there.  Yesterday the temperature rose to 105F (41C)!  We appreciated the air conditioning in our vehicle and motel but will say that a long walk through a lakeside park was quite an experience.  Nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed our visit there and can assure you that London Bridge is in immaculate order as far as we could observe.

This morning we left Lake Havasu City and drove east on Interstate 40 into Arizona and Flagstaff.  The scenery at the beginning of the journey was desert like but as we steadily climbed to a higher altitude the surroundings became progressively more pleasant and green with rugged rocks around the edges of plateaux of tough grass and short, healthy trees that looked similar to Ponderosa Pines.  The temperature also dropped to a comfortable 76F.

Tomorrow we are driving to spend the day at Sedona, a town about 40 miles south of here that is in an area known for its spectacular red rock formations.  Our next post will contain a report and pictures.


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  1. Good for us Brits to know that London Bridge is safe and well and love The Grand Canal inside the Venetian – it looks much cleaner than the real thing.

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