Vancouver Welsh Society – Welsh Celebration November 4 – 6th, 2011

The Vancouver Welsh Society held its annual Welsh Celebration weekend recently. All events took place in the Cambrian Hall in Vancouver.  On Friday 4 November a Noson Lawen took place.  The Welsh phrase means a happy evening or, loosely, a party with music.  It is an event that was quite common in the homes of our Welsh forefathers in which people would sing songs, read poetry, play musical instruments, tell stories and jokes and dance etc.  The Victorians would perhaps call it a soirée.  Of course it would not be complete without refreshments.  This year’s Noson Lawen met the criteria and was enjoyed by those who attended.  A link to a video of Grace participating with a journey down memory lane will be found below.  On Saturday the Dylan Thomas Circle met during the day and in the evening Welsh Society member and Celtic Studies specialist Antone Minard gave a talk on Legendary Wales.  On Sunday morning the usual monthly bilingual church service took place with Welsh Society member John Cann as the preacher.  In the afternoon the annual Gwmanfa Ganu (singing festival) took place with accomplished musician Jonathan Quick, musical director of the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir as conductor. The soloist was Nerys Jones from Seattle.  Below you will find links to videos of Nerys singing three of the songs from the selection she sang, accompanying herself on the harp.

Here are links to items we hope you will find interesting:

Grace participating in the Noson Lawen

Nerys Jones playing and singing Suo-Gân – Huna Blentyn (Lullaby) in the Gwmanfa Ganu

Nerys Jones playing and singing Tra Bo Dau (Two Fond Hearts) in the Gwmanfa Ganu

Nerys Jones playing and singing Ar Lan y Môr (On the Seashore) in the Gwmanfa Ganu


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