Meghan’s Baptism

Our lovely and beloved great niece Meghan was baptised yesterday, 20th November, 2011 at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Abbotsford, BC, Canada, where she and her family have been active members for years.

It was a wonderful day – full of blessing, love, fellowship, rejoicing and worship.  The event was anticipated with excitement by our family, Meghan’s close friends and of course, Meghan herself.  It was a big day for her as she made her public declaration that she loves God, trusts the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour and wants the Lord to be the directing power in her life.   Her spoken testimony was followed by the act of believers’ baptism with her pastor, Gary Stevens, being the baptiser.  Meghan was the third of five who were baptised yesterday (the two that preceded Meghan were a brother and sister).  After the first four candidates, who had been pre-arranged, Pastor Gary Stevens encouraged anyone who loved the Lord but who had not been baptised to come forward and “take the plunge.”  Immediately, one of the musicians in the band that was on the stage came forward and was baptised while the congregation cheered loudly.

Then, Gary said that the candidates had been held back from going to the changing rooms for a purpose; he encouraged the family and friends of each baptismal candidate to gather around their family member(s) who had been baptised.  Soon there were four groups of about 20 people huddled around the newly baptised, who were still dripping wet and wrapped in towels.  Hands were laid on them, prayer was offered, affirmation, encouragement, blessing given and much love shown.  Quite a few tears of joy were shed too.  Meghan’s face was radiant and aglow (that remained with her for the rest of the day).  Her best friend Katrina was there and prayed for Meghan touchingly and powerfully.

It couldn’t just end there and it didn’t.  Meghan’s parents, Huw and Pam, had prepared a wonderful lunch at their home where a crowd of us gathered and continued to celebrate and praise the Lord for His love and grace in our lives.

Here are some pictures and a video to help you share this special day with us.  The four still pictures were taken by Ron Peters, a member of the Vineyard Fellowship and friend of the family.  Thanks Ron for doing this.

Just after rising from the waters of baptism

A hug from Pastor Gary

In the big huddle - Meghan being embraced by her best friend Katrina. The blurry figures in the foreground are Grace and myself.

Another picture from the huddle - brother Evan is standing behind Meghan with Pam, partly visible in top right hand corner.

The video was taken by me.  The two young people with towels around them, standing in the right of the frame are the brother and sister who were the first and second to be baptised.  Here is a link that will take you to the video on YouTube:

The Lord is so good to us.  Be blessed and touched by Him as you look at the pictures and view the video.


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One Response to Meghan’s Baptism

  1. Lovely, great to hear Megan’s testimony and how she is so loved by family, friends and Jesus too.

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