Evan’s Baptism – August 26th 2012

If you have been following this blog for some time you may remember that, in November 2011, there was a post reporting the baptism of our great niece, Meghan.

On August 26th 2012 it was Evan’s turn to be baptized.  Evan is Meghan’s 11 year old brother and the son of Huw and Pam Franklin.

Unlike the baptism of Meghan, that was planned and scheduled some weeks ahead of the actual event, Evan’s baptism was somewhat different.  Here, in the words of Pam, his mom, is a brief account of what happened.

“When we arrived at church (Abbotsford Vineyard Christian Fellowship) on Sunday (26th August 2012), they had a tank set up for a baptism service.  Without talking to us, Evan walked up to Gary (the pastor) and asked if he could be baptized.  Gary spoke to us and we thought it was a great idea.  Evan then asked if Huw would come in the tank with him to “do the honours.”  It was a wonderful, spontaneous moment.  Thankfully, Ron Peters (thanks Ron) had his camera on hand to snap a photo.”

In the car on the way to church, Evan thought to himself that he would like to be baptised.  On arrival, to his surprise, he saw the tank all set up, and thought, “That’s convenient!”

Six baptismal candidates were already scheduled to be baptised but, as is the custom at the Vineyard, an opportunity was offered to any others who were believers in the Lord Jesus but not yet baptised, to take that step right there and then.  The scheduled six were joined by nine more, one of whom of course was Evan.  It was a wonderful time.

Evan called us and told us the news during the afternoon.  We were delighted with his news but wished so much that we could have been there.  Being that it was such a spontaneous event, that was not possible as we were, at the time, attending our own church.

Evan is a beautiful boy and we love him so much.  We have no doubt that in the years to come he is going to be an effective Christian in the service of the Lord.  He has also been featured in another post on this blog.  If you have not seen and read it, look at the right sidebar and, in the list under the heading, “Recent Posts,” you will see “Evan’s Gift.”

The Lord bless you our dear Evan, we are very proud of you.

In the following pictures, Pastor Gary is seen on the left of Evan and Huw, Evan’s dad, is on the right.

Evan’s Baptism-3 26Aug2012

Evan’s Baptism-4 26Aug2012

Evan’s Baptism-5 26Aug12

Evan’s Baptism-7 26Aug12

Evan’s Baptism August 26th 2012


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