Arrival of the Queen of Sheba


4 Responses to Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

  1. Joy and Harry Beylerian says:

    We did not know that you could play the piano so well Martin. We were pleasantly surprised. What talent you have!! Keep at it. We enjoyed listening to you and Grace playing ” The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.” Looking forward to your next recital……perhaps doing a solo piece.

  2. mgouldth says:

    Thank you Marian and Lesley for your positive comments. We enjoyed practicing and preparing the piece. I should add that the 10 lessons I had were in 1955 in northern Scotland when I was serving in the RAF. I could have, and should have continued and had more. The problem was that my very capable but elderly teacher discovered that I had a soft and compassionate shoulder to cry on. As my lessons progressed she spent more and more of the lesson time telling me about her health and other problems as well as her husband’s angina. My weekly 30 minute time slot seriously dwindled. I decided I could save my money and practice myself. That plan did not really work! So now I am attempting a very late rescue of a skill to which I should have given more time many years ago.

  3. marian morris says:

    I’ve just watched you both playing The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and thought it was excellent. I felt so proud of you both for having performed it to such high standard. I didn’t even know Martin could play. Well done you ! Lots of love , Marian

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